1. Aircraft
At Qatar Airways establishment, kids will learn how to fly a plane and work as flight attendants.
2. Bank
At QIIB establishment, kids will learn how to open and maintain a bank account, cash in cheques, withdraw money from the bank and ATMs and deposit money regularly.
3. Fire Station
At the Fire Station, kids will learn how to reach houses on fire in an emergency, how to douse the fire, bring people out safely and give them the required medical help.
4. Police Station
At Stark Security establishment, kids will learn how to ensure safety on the roads and protect Kidizens. They ensure peace and harmony in KidzMondo City.
5. Gas Station
At Woqoud, kids will be able to run a gas station, apply safety measures, and fill fuel in cars as per clients’ requests.
6. Driving Institute
At Dallah Driving Institute, kids will take driving tests and learn crucial road signs.
7. Race Track
The future Formula 1 racers can kick start their practice on KidzMondo’s race tracks.
8. University
In this activity, kids will take a course in one of the majors and earn a corresponding degree.
9. Car Wash
At Woqoud, kids will learn how to clean cars, safely air dry them and shine cars’ tires.
10. Barber
Kids can get thier hair and beard styled.

….And Many More !!!