What are the steps taken towards safety of children to avoid injuries during activities and in case a child is lost in the indoor park ?

Security is ensured at KidzMondo establishment: A KidzBand: An RFID security bracelet consisting of a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies is tied on children’s wrists to identify and track them inside the city. Apart from the main theme park, security has been ensured in all areas of the mall with the help of security cameras and security forces.

Is there a ‘First Aid’ available for children ?

Yes. The facility is fully equipped to help minor injuries. However, for any major medical requirements, the educators / staff have access the required healthcare personnel to assist at the venue.

Can parents leave their children (of any age) safely at KidzMondo ?

It is recommended that all kids must be accompanied by their parents inside the indoor park at all times.

In case of an emergency, will KidzMondo educators /officials contact the parents if they are not around the children during play time ?

Yes. The officials / educators present will make a note of the parents contact details to get in touch with them if needed.


Can you tell us the names of all the activities / establishments at KidzMondo Doha ?

Please refer to the ‘Establishments’ tab on the website.

Are all the professional role play activities meant for kids of all ages ?

KidzMondo is a miniature city for all children between the ages of 2 and 14. However, children below the age of 4 can enjoy their time at the Toddlers Inn.

What is the minimum and maximum age to participate in activities at KidzMondo ?

Minimum: 2 years and Maximum: 14 years. The Toddlers Inn is meant for children aged 2 years and below, while kids aged 3 and above can participate in all activities. In addition to the age requirements, there are height restrictions on some activities.

How do children earn money and where can they save and spend it ?

Initially, children are educated about the profession they choose, following which they can put the training into practice and begin working. On completion of their tasks, they are paid salaries by the educators in Kidlars (KidzMondo official currency), which they can choose to spend in places like the chocolate factory. Alternatively, they could save the money earned in a bank and use it during their next visit to the KidzMondo facility.


Are there areas where children can eat in the park?

Yes, there are various Food & Beverage outlets available inside the park.

Can we bring food / drinks from outside, into KidzMondo?

No. You may not bring outside food (from the mall or personal) to the KidzMondo indoor park, though baby food is allowed. However, for all practical purposes: water coolers and eateries are present inside the park. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons.

Can we bring pet animals to KidzMondo?

No. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our establishment.

How long can we stay inside the park?

You can stay for as long as you want during a single day, during working hours.

Which languages can the educators / staff communicate in?

Primarily English and Arabic, in addition to other languages.

Is there a ‘Lost & Found’ counter for any loss of belongings?

Although we do have a ‘Lost & Found’ counter for the convenience of our guests, we would still strongly urge guests to keep their personal belongings safely with them. We also advise parents not to specially make their children wear valuable accessories during their time inside the park.

How do parents enjoy their time indoors while their kids are at play?

Parents can either spend time in the Parent’s Lounge OR they can watch their kids perform various activities from outside the ‘activity area’ OR they can attend the performance inside the park.

Is smoking allowed in the park?

No, Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the park and the Mall of Qatar.


Do we need to make advance bookings to visit KidzMondo?

Although you may not require advance bookings on weekdays, we however recommend you book in advance for weekend visits.

In case children step out of KidzMondo for some time, can they return and log in again?

Children will not be allowed to step out of KidzMondo without their parents. In case they do step out with their parents, they will need to buy a ticket to re-enter.

Are there any discounts for large groups?

Yes, Special rates are available for groups (schools and other educational institutions).