KidzMondo Science & Business Fair
Showcase Your Brightest Inventions or Ideas!

April 25th, 2019 – 6 PM to 9 PM
KidzMondo Doha, Mall Of Qatar

KidzMondo Doha is hosting its first Science & Business Fair this April!
It’s a one-of-a-kind engaging event, powered by Qatar Development Bank, in line with Kidzmondo Doha’s educational core concept and initiatives.

The KidzMondo Science & Business Fair aims to encourage kids up to 14 years old to get in tune with their entrepreneurial selves by presenting an invention or idea that they believe in.
They have the possibility to present their idea individually, or in a group, in front of a panel of expert judges from Qatar Development Bank. The judges will engage with the kids, question their idea and test their conviction.
This intellectual contest holds a golden opportunity; the best ideas stand a chance to get funded. This means that the winning kids may become real KIDpreneurs and owners of their own business!

The pillars of ideas for this contest are the following:
  • Creative Gadgets & Robots
  • or
  • Best Business Ideas
  • or
  • Community Improvement Ideas
The kids will be evaluated based on the following:
  • Creativity aspect of the idea
  • Innovation aspect of the idea
  • Feasibility aspect of the idea
  • Profitability aspect of the idea
  • Research and Surveys regarding the idea
  • Ability to explain and defend the idea

Kids are encouraged to register from now, to secure a slot during which they will present their idea to the judges in the KidzMondo Amphitheatre, in front of their parents, friends, numerous other spectators as well as media representatives.
Various giveaways and special prizes will be awarded to all participants, as well as special certification to mark their courage and sense of initiative, which comprise essential qualities children should have, highly valued in the city of KidzMondo Doha!
KidzMondo Doha believes in the potential of kids, and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age.
Throughout this initiative, KidzMondo Doha seeks to empower its Kidizens with the knowledge & tools to take initiatives, make decisions, and become the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


“KidzMondo Doha will provide an excellent platform for merging entertainment with education and tourism and will play a pivotal role in adding value to the role of our existing educational institutions through edutainment that combines education with entertainment and fun with the aim to deliver an exciting as well as a playful experience to the younger generations”.

"The city will be a center of joy for Qatar's population in general and specifically to the children - a city where education will surpass its traditional learning format at schools by using edutainment as a method of learning and thus providing students with a fun educational experience. It is of extreme importance that these edutainment cities to align their mission and vision not only with the cultural image of Qatar but also in accordance to the Qatari, Arab and Islamic customs and traditions. Not to forget that these cities must take into account the different segments of society and pay particular focus to providing alternatives for children with special needs and the elderly noting that their consideration will be essential in creating educational, health and cultural awareness campaigns that reach the masses and speak directly to all segments of the society”.

"KidzMondo is a highly-anticipated new addition to Qatar’s tourism offering, further cementing Qatar’s position as an ideal family destination. We are delighted to see local and international investors collaborate to produce this exceptional edutainment product, and hope it will serve as inspiration to entrepreneurs and seasoned businesses as they work with Qatar Tourism Authority to enhance the Qatar tourism experience for residents and visitors alike."

Qatar Tourism Authority


HE Dr. Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali Al Hammadi

Minister of Education and Higher Education

Mrs. Fawzia Abdulaziz Al-Khater

Director of Education Institute of the Supreme Education Council